The next generation – the FWT 3000 wind turbine.

The FWT 3000 is a new generation of high-yield wind turbines in the 3 MW class. This model was developed specifically for the growing market of medium and low wind sites. It stands out thanks to its low weight, an especially low-maintenance design and significantly lower running costs.

Advantages of the FWT 3000 at a glance:

• LARUS Compact® drivetrain concept: hybrid drive, compact design, load reduction and defined loads for the gearbox with a grip and torque bearing connected to the motor mount
• LARUS Smart® pitch system: robust, low-maintenance design with load reduction based on a single-blade pitch
• LARUS Safe® safety system: reduced signs of wear and extended service life thanks to differentiated actuator release based on events

The striking design with side scoops and coolers means that the FWT 3000 is not only visually distinctive, but also highly functional. The natural flow of air around the body is used for optimal cooling.

The hybrid drive combines a two-stage gearbox and a medium-speed synchronous generator, allowing a compact nacelle for the FWT 3000 – much easier to achieve with a weight of almost 105 tons as compared to other 3 MW models.

The 120-metre rotor and hub heights of up to 140 metres deliver a good yield of energy even in low wind conditions and at sites with complex topography. The new technology ensures even greater efficiency and safety: three patents alike indicate a high level of innovation.

Thanks to its full-scale inverter, the FWT 3000 facilitates straightforward grid integration with a broad range of grid codes and is also prepared for future network protection regulations.

To Download Area: FWT Image booklet / Data Sheet FWT3000