From wind turbines to wind farms –
FWT lets you experience energy.

Wind energy is gaining importance all over the world – it is already considered a central pillar of the energy transition today. After all, in times of scarce resources and dangerously rising carbon emissions, the generation of electricity from wind power is a rewarding prospect for the future.

FWT would like to share this prospect with you. Based in our headquarters in Waigandshain in the Westerwald, we serve customers around the world. From the most cost-efficient procurement of components to individual service, and from site-specific optimisation and development to the production of multi-megawatt wind turbines, FWT centres its attention on quality and sustainability.

Technical expertise and many years of experience – these are the key strengths of our employees. Our engineers and technicians understand how to keep wind turbines reliably connected to the grid and how to optimise individual wind farms in order to achieve the highest possible yield. We offer flexible, tailored solutions to the operators of wind turbines and thereby deliver maximum service and reliability.

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