FWT Service – one step ahead with experience.

No matter whether you want individual advice and planning on site, you are looking for tailored products to achieve optimum results or you require technical assistance in operation, we are at your side for every stage of your project.

Our experienced staff in the FWT Service division have made it their goal to support you with well-thought-out solutions so that you can always achieve the best energy yield. The close collaboration between our service and engineering departments allows quick and permanent solutions and guarantees the continuous optimisation of your wind turbines.

At FWT, we use remote online monitoring to check all of our customers’ systems around the clock, which means that any technical barriers in operation can be addressed without delay.

Whatever requirements you face, with FWT you can rely on the best possible products and a tailor-made service. From a standard package to full-service contract, FWT creates individual offers for all FWT wind turbines and third-party systems.

That is why FWT is synonymous around the world with high-quality, multi-vendor maintenance and service for wind turbines.

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Service that takes you further.

Regular service

FWT Service carries out regular examinations of your wind turbines and wind farms to guarantee high technical availability. The prescribed service intervals are strictly adhered to with an annual inspection, six-month inspection and component check. The FWT team performs services according to the manufacturer’s specification. High-quality original parts help ensure the longest possible operating and service life.

Drivetrain service

Using online and offline vibration measurements, the vibration behaviour of the main bearing, generator and gearbox is checked for deviations. If a component is defective, the large component replacement service from FWT allows a quick repair. An in-depth inspection using video endoscopy makes it possible to safely assess the condition of the transmission at places that are hard to reach. Damage and wear on gear tooth surfaces and bearings are identified early using such methods.

Rotor blade service

Working directly on the rotor blade, FWT experts investigate the surface and compile a detailed test document to report on the condition of the blade and present all the relevant information. The rotor blade service includes an inspection for damage and cracks, a measurement of the pitch and the repair of damaged components.

Preventive concepts

Preventive maintenance of your wind turbine’s systems helps to avoid extended periods of downtime and increases the value of your installation. At the same time, the operating software of the system controls is updated and revised at suitable intervals according to general requirements. This means that your turbine remains efficient and always up to date in terms of current technology.


The goal of FWT is to improve the lifespan of turbines and components. That is why our experienced service staff do not simply replace defective components, but always investigate the cause. In this way, we are able to develop measures to further optimise our systems.

Remote control

We monitor the turbines of our customers online, seven days a week, meaning we can react quickly to any changes in operating status. At the same time, our service team is available by phone around the clock in case of problems or emergencies. Fault analysis and the introduction of appropriate measures go hand in hand when our team is required to attend a callout. Additionally, FWT offers monthly reports that detail the performance and availability of your system.

Large replacement parts warehouse

FWT has an extensive inventory of common components. Our team is therefore able to supply spare parts in a short time when needed. Efficient logistics and long-term cooperation with international component manufacturers ensure the rapid availability of spare parts.